Managing functional safety risk

We help you advance functional safety in your technology development and management processes.

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Our lives are today affected in a high degree by electronic control systems. We meet them in our homes and when we transport ourselves in cars, trains or in aeroplanes. We also find these systems at our workplaces and in the healthcare system. In some situations malfunctioning of these electronic control system could put us in danger and this is what functional safety is about – to prevent us from unjustifiable risks that can arise from hazards caused by malfunctions in these electrical or electronic systems.

There is one overarching functional safety standard, IEC 61508, that specifies how functional safety shall be approached generically. There are also, based on this standard a set of industry specific functional safety standards that provides specifications for the processes needed to develop the technology and the technical implementation of functional safety itself given the risk picture in the context.

An example of such industry specific standard is ISO 26262 for road vehicles, which was published in November 2011. It is tailored to the specific risk picture and technology in the automotive industry. Its purpose is not only to build functionally safe cars but also to ensure an efficient management of functional safety through the supply chain.

We offer you our knowledge and experience acquired from our work in a wide field of industries when helping our customers in the implementation of functional safety in their development and management processes and in their technology. We know how to ensure that the result is in compliance with relevant legislation and standards for the respective industries.

Our focus

We have chosen to focus on the following industries and functional safety standards:

  • Automotive industry - ISO 26262
  • Industrial applications – Machinery directive, ISO 13849 and IEC 62061
  • Railway – EN 50126, EN 50128, EN 50129
  • Earth moving machinery – ISO 15998
  • Process industry – IEC 61511

Our services

Our functional safety services are targeted to help you to be more confident in functional safety and we will follow you in the steps to a higher capability to functionally safe systems.

  • Training: We help you get the understanding of the functional safety standards and how they can be used by different parties
  • Gap Analysis: We help you understand where your processes and technologies are in terms of compliance to the requirements in functional safety
  • Process & Technology improvement: We help you implement processes and technology that comply with the requirements in the functional safety standards (Can not be combined with audit services)
  • Safety case assessment & audit services: We help you efficiently demonstrate compliance by our safety case and audit services