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A solution for anonymous incident management that ensures complete confidentiality for the reporter

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Synergi Life - complete and user-friendly business software solution for anonymous QHSE management

Anonymous incident reporting software

The Anonymous Incident Management software module in Synergi Life is designed to ensure complete confidentiality for the anonymous incident reporter while giving unnamed users access to certain parts of Synergi Life.

A solution to ensure that anonymous incident management is handled professionally

  • A secure method of reporting misconduct or potential misconduct
  • Locked server with no possibility of tracing and logging
  • Management and the board can be informed anonymously
  • Reporter has access to limited case information

Key benefits of Anonymous Incident Management software module

  • For companies subject to the regulations of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, also known as “SOX” (listed on the NYSE or NASDAQ)
  • Employees gain a secure way of reporting misconduct
  • Your organization can practice zero tolerance of harassment in various forms
  • Information can be reported anonymously to individuals or groups
  • Dialogue can remain anonymous for as long as the reporter requires
  • Additional application is configured to ensure that relevant logs inside Synergi Life will read as pseudonym, such as “anonymous user”
  • Unique case number and password, including logon, monitoring case progress and adding information