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Synergi Water Online software module

Automatically transfer operational and reference data from your SCADA system

Synergi Water Online

Online module is a software tool that allows you to automatically transfer operational and reference data from your SCADA system into Synergi Water to perform steady-state and time-varying network simulations.

What you get with Online software

  • Faster recognition and response to system anomalies and emergency situations
  • SCADA data quality testing and assurance
  • Improved timelines and confidence in modelling data and calibration
  • Improved system operations through better information and reporting
  • Better interdepartmental staff activity coordination

With Online module you can

  • Improve operator decision support
  • Get extended-time model data
  • Supplement SCADA data
  • Automate simulation and results generation using many sets of operating data
  • Make online simulation control decisions based on the models state within Synergi
  • Use model results to generate alarms and to alert you to system anomalies
  • Archive results of both successful and unsuccessful simulations

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