Climate action

Promoting transformation to a low carbon future, building resilience and supporting adaptation to a changing climate.

The Climate Action Programme in DNV GL research and innovation identify and pursue opportunities for DNV GL to make an impact on transformation and resilience building within the industries we serve, i.e. "a safe and sustainable future". Our focus is on the two main systems that will have to change in the transformation to a low carbon and resilient future:

Climate change

  • Energy: addressing the cause of climate change, the solution through low carbon energy systems and the need to build resilience and adapt to a changing climate
  • Society: addressing the challenges and opportunities at the interface between different stakeholders for a low carbon and resilient future: business, government, academia and civil society

For both these systems, there are a number of critical ways to induce change which we have called enablers.

  • Governance and regulations 
    What are the characteristics and processes for effective regulations and governance to ensure a resilient and low carbon future, and what standards and best practices can DNV GL contribute with?
  • Economic systems and business models 
    What are the characteristics of new economic systems and business models, and how can DNV GL be a catalyst for change towards these systems and models?
  • Communication and knowledge uptake 
    How can we make climate change meaningful and actionable and impact change?
  • Tools and frameworks (Climate services) 
    What tools and frameworks are needed to address transformation to a low carbon future and build resilience and support adaptation to a changing climate?
  • Technology transfer 
    How can we accelerate global development, transfer and deployment of locally relevant climate change mitigation and adaptation technologies?